In this section of the website, you can see what services Terrés i Fill S.L. provide to it's clients, althought we always adapt our performance to their needs in relation with the small metal stamping.

Metal manipulation techniques

At Terrés i Fill S.L. we make use of the following techniques smoothly with impeccable final results in order to cover the needs of each product.

  • Bending of iron, inoxidable steel, aluminium and brass.
  • Cutting of iron, inoxidable steel, aluminium and brass.
  • Drilling with marked border with screw or without it.
  • Bending and cutting with press with electric feed.
  • Soldadures.

Final products

These are some of the most basic examples of final products we can offer:

  • Brass hinges with arc for boxes with cover.
  • Brass hinges without arc for small boxes.
  • Brass corner covers.
  • Solded iron tool to collocate wood on the floor.
  • Tools to recard plaster and pottery.
  • Wire tools to mold pottery.


Our company has different machines to perform the services and comissions to the clients. These are some examples of hardware that Terrés i Fill S.L. uses:

  • Cutting line.
  • Soldadure machines with inustrial vacuums integrated.
  • 5 TN press for small stamping.
  • 7 TN hydraulic press. (x4)
  • 40 TN press.
  • Conventional winches and willing machines.